Romans 13:1 Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.

Good election news!! God is still in control. We need not sit in a circle  to grumble, complain, and gripe about the outcome. We need not stand in a circle and celebrate.

The Bible is very clear that God is working history by His plan. History is His Story. The small brush stroke we see during this breath that we call life is not the masterpiece. It’s a brush stroke.

When we worry and fret about the world, we are, in essence saying, “God, You’re getting it all wrong. You see, I know better than You how this should all be working. If You will just listen to me, I can get the government fixed, world peace established, and everyone sitting in a circle singing and sharing a Coke.” What a blasphemous thing to say.

It’s not true. Most of us can barely keep our own life in line. We have blind spots. We have biases (whether we admit it or not). Our focus is on the brush stroke that is our breath of life. We don’t see the Master’s Piece.

God will not change course based on my opinion. I thank Him for that. The good news is that He won’t do it for anyone! Imagine if He changed for every person – He’d take into account 7 Billion opinions, changing every second, all day long, every day.

Jesus healed men, women, Jews, Gentiles, Israelite, Romans, free, and slave. He gave love and healing freely, so much so that people touched His garment as He walked along and were healed. He didn’t do a “political party” survey. Israel was a nation in captivity, yet He healed the Roman soldier’s servant. He rendered unto Caesar what was Caesars. He called us to Spiritual Freedom, even in the midst of political bondage.

Please don’t give up your Spiritual Freedom in favor of political fear this morning. I know some will wring their hands about last nights outcome. Some will throw their hands in the air about last nights outcome. I will fold my hands in prayer for those elected in last nights outcome. I will thank God for still being in control and for allowing me to be a small brush stroke in this Masterpiece He is painting.