My value can only be found in the offering. My value cannot be derived from the reception of the offering. Many people try to derive their value from how the offering is received. They delay releasing a book because it may not be liked. They delay displaying a painting or giving a speech because of how it might be received. They delay applying for a desired job because they don’t believe they’re valuable enough.

This is a recipe for disappointment. This is a recipe for undulating emotions. This is a recipe for living life at the mercy of the emotional whims of others. 

I can only control what is being offered, the quality of what is being offered, and how it is being offered. I offer to God. My value is derived from offering my very best to Him using the talents given by Him. He rewards based on the offering and the heart from which it is received. When I have done my best, my part is complete.

I cannot control how the offering is received by the world. I cannot control what the world perceives. When I demand that an offering be received in a certain way, I take away the authority of the receiver to receive the offering using his or her own values.

This is a control issue – when I demand to derive value from both the giving and the receiving, I am seeking to control the receiver.