“Loving Him by serving them”

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Calling Statement

I help servant leaders reconnect with their Higher Spirit by providing a welcoming environment in which they can safely explore their needs, feelings, and goals without fear of judgement.

Who I Am

Let’s be open with one another. I’ll tell you some of my story and it may help you feel ready to let me know yours.

Located just north of Raleigh, Durham, and Greensboro, North Carolina, I’m a Pastor, Minister, Preacher, Chaplain – there are so many names for the position, but I consider myself a Servant Shepherd. Though I haven’t always been a pastor, I’ve considered myself a Servant Shepherd from my teenage years. I serve God by serving others. My passion is encouraging and edifying spiritual leaders.

I’m a single father of two young, flourishing adults. Both are out living their life. We get together when we can, but I know they have to have room to fly, experiment, and make their way. I pretend like I’m not watching, but I am. 

I’m a former Management/IT Executive. The call to the ministry came at a time when I was earning a very nice six figure income, enjoying perks, and achieving great success. God called. I left the job and accepted the pulpit as He asked. 

My passions are life coaching, writing, motivational speaking, encouraging, edifying, mentoring, and finding the spiritual gifts of others. 

How about you? Who are you? I’d love to know. Don’t know anymore? I can help.