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Spiritual Clarity can fade with time
Spiritual Clarity can fade with time


Pastors and Spiritual Leaders are called to be leaders in some of the most difficult circumstances humans face. Funerals, illness, family crisis, and personal crisis can bring people to the door. 

People are fortunate to have God called leaders when a time of need arises.  With natural empathy and a servants heart, these men and women step in and help in time when much of the world is checking out.

But, where do the pastors and leaders go when they need help? Compassion fatigue, burnout, crisis of Faith, and personal issues arise and threaten their ability to serve. 

As a Certified Life Coach specializing in Spiritual matters, I work with Pastors and Spiritual Leaders and help them rediscover the calling that inspired them. I can help you. Are you ready? 

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Re-connection sharpens spiritual focus.
Re-connection sharpens spiritual focus.


When we are off purpose, our energy to pursue the things of God will fail. When we are “In Spirit”, we are inspired. But, organization politics and misaligned expectations work to drown enthusiasm. 

Re-imagine a time when you felt called to do what you are doing. Feel that excitement and fire. It feels good to step beyond the burnout. God didn’t set your soul ablaze so you could burn yourself out. 

Often, the Spiritual Leader is the loneliest of people. A pastor hears the inner most secrets and carries burdens of not only his life, but the lives of his congregants as well.

As a iPec Certified Life Coach, as a pastor, I have the “real life” experience to help. I know the shame, guilt, and feelings of being overwhelmed – not from a book, but because I’ve lived them. I can help you. Are you ready?

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Renewed focus brings spiritual vision and clarity.
Renewed focus brings spiritual clarity.

Imagine waking each morning with a renewed purpose and vision! Imagine feeling like a conqueror again, instead of the conquered. Everyone needs someone. Everyone deserves a hand of help.  

Let’s Rediscover your calling. Let’s Re-imagine your path to reaching the purpose to which you’ve been called. Let’s Renew the pursuit of this purpose and shed the guilt, shame, anger and frustration.

You are not alone. God sends helpers. He equips His army with soldiers of all different talents. I encourage, edify, and teach. God has given me coaching skills. It may be “for such a time as this.”

I bring a unique skill-set to our conversations. God brought me along a winding road. I can help you regain your edge. Are you ready?

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The Coach


iPec graduate, Certified Professional Coach.

My background in pastoral ministry, ordained in 2013, provides me with experience to help those in need of Spiritual coaching. I’ve lived the life of a Pastor and Servant Leader. 

My career prior to ministry included retail executive management, IT executive management, and manufacturing executive management. 

I now divide my time between the ministry, Life Coaching, writing, speaking, and acting as an Executive Mentor. I also mentor men incarcerated or recently released.


Spiritual and Life Coach for Pastors and Leaders in RDU / Greensboro
Spiritual and Life Coach for Pastors and Spiritual Leaders in RDU/Greensboro




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