The Clients Speak! 

Results and Return On Investment

“With clarity comes understanding. This may sound simple, but I’d never thought of it this way. I wanted the understanding without investing in the clarity. Richard helped me achieve both. My life is changed. Thanks Richard.”

– Mark N.

“I’d heard of energy levels before. Never really bought it. Boy I do now. Richard was able to highlight my energy shifts when I hit my passions and when I was off purpose. I was surprised how quickly we hit the core. I have a new focus.”

– Pat S.

“Richard helps me feel safe to express my feelings. He’s helped me understand my need for boundaries, self-care, and quiet time. When I wander off point, hes good to get us refocused. Money well, well spent in my eyes.”

– Annette T.

“Coming from a place of executive management, I contacted Richard based on a recommendation from a friend. My tanks were empty. Through our sessions, I came to see that my passion was disconnected from my purpose. I felt energized and have created a SMART plan to make a career change in my life.”

– Matt D.