This morning, I had the opportunity, thanks to a Facebook friend of mine, to watch a man creating an artistic piece. He took wires and anchored them in a wooden base. In the beginning, it looked like a bunch of twisted wires sticking out in all directions. He twisted and turned and then it looked like twisted, mangled wires sticking out in all directions.

I thought, “Why am I watching this?” Then I thought, “What a mess!”

The man continued to work. He started to fashion groups of wire into branches. At the end of each branch, he fashioned the end of each wire into what appeared to be leaves. As he worked his way down, I realized that he was making a Bonsai tree from wire. I was fascinated.

He continued his meticulous work. The video indicated that it took him 5 days. With each branch and each grouping of wire leaves, the tree became more obvious and the work of art became more beautiful.

At the end of the video, the camera panned across the room and there were dozens of little Bonsai trees, with various bases, sitting all over his living room. Different wire colors made such wonderful variety.

My thoughts turned to the artwork that God is doing in each person’s life – my life and your life. When He starts, we’re raw… with wires sticking out in all directions. From the outside, people may whisper, “What a mess.” But God keeps working, bending, straightening, snipping, twisting. Still the people whisper, “Why in the world is He bothering?” Still, God keeps working. The people snicker, “Maybe He’s making a mess so we all know what not to do!” In meticulous detail, He still works, ignoring the critics, knowing the art that lies within His subject.

Then, the beauty begins to emerge. The art isn’t finished, but the shape is in place. The art that only the Artist could see is now becoming obvious to all who look on. Fascinating to watch, the artwork passes the tipping point of being a mess and, though I can’t say just when, becomes beautiful and mesmerizing.

Be encouraged today if you feel like a bunch of twisted wires, “unbeautiful”, wondering what in the world God is doing in your life. Be encouraged, even when you hear the whispers and snickers. Be encouraged, even when there is twisting, bending, snipping, and stretching. Be assured, the Artist is at work. You are His work of art. He is changing you. He knows what you will be, even when no human eye can see. He won’t be rushed. God will finish His work of art.

Whenever the critics come calling, including the worst one of all living inside your own head, simply say, “The Artist is at work – please be patient and allow Him to bring my beauty to light”.