Mark 8:29 He said to them, “But who do you say that I am?” Peter answered and said to Him, “You are the Christ.”

God is a God of individual answers. There’s no group think in the Kingdom of God. Each of us must decide what we believe. In the verse preceding Mark 8:29, Jesus is told all the different people the “world” was saying He was. Then, He asked a question that resonates to every soul throughout time – Who do you say that I am? He wasn’t just asking the disciples. His voice echoes through the centuries until this very day.

God will not ask if the nation we lived in had laws against abortion. He will only examine our heart to see how we grasped the sanctity of life. He won’t look at the laws on the books regarding sex outside of marriage, but He’ll look to see how we treated our spouse or our girlfriend or boyfriend. He won’t ask how many protests we attended, but will instead look to see how our examples served as a witness to His majesty.

Sin is the outward demonstration of the evil within the heart. Sin is evil in action. All sin springs from the same seed… it’s a lack of reverence for God. The Bible doesn’t have a “Top 10 List” when it comes to sin. All sin separates us from God, but that separation started with the seed of evil and disobedience in our heart. As Jesus said, when we think it, we’ve committed it (Matthew 5:28).

When I grew up, there was a local show on TV called Kiddie Kollege. Schools sent teams. Questions were asked and the team conferred and came up with an answer. Three heads were better than one.

When we stand before God, there won’t be a team. He will only look upon our hearts to see how we answered the only question that ever mattered – who do I say Jesus is? Who do you say Jesus is?

I had someone ask why God didn’t simply send a supernatural answer to today’s issues. My answer? He has – Jesus. Now, you must decide as an individual, based on Faith in Jesus, what your answer is to the issues facing our world. No Kiddie Kollege moment – this is an individual test. Love will always root out evil, as long as we allow.