People see the sin easily in sexual perversions, evil words, hurtful deeds, and acts against one another. Yelling at our neighbor or stealing his lawnmower is not hard to identify as sin. We return the mower, apologize for the words, and repent. 

There’s sin in failure to use God’s gifts as well. When repenting, is there a sorrow and remorse for the time wasted, the talents not used, and the blessings squandered? 

People see sin as an act against another. Sin can be an act against ourselves as well! When we fail to use the talent God has given us and we deprive the world of the blessing He intended, we sin. When we reject our gifts before they ever see the light of day, we sin. When we use the blessings God has placed in our lives for selfish reasons and not for the benefit of others, we sin.

Have you repented for squandering God’s gift of time and talent? Have you repented for squandering the gift of God’s love? Recall that God called the servants to account for how they used their talents. The servants who used their talents and obtained more were blessed. The one that hid his talent and squandered it was called wicked. Wickedness requires repentance. 

Might it be that, by hiding talents and failing to act on your God given gifts, you’re sinning against the very Creator? It’s worth considering today.