When we watch football, we expect the men in the middle of the field to be the target of the opposing team. We expect that the linemen will meet resistance, the wide receivers will be jammed, the running backs will be hit, and the quarterback will be the trophy of every opposition play. It’s a no brainer! The men on the sidelines are less likely to be targeted and the people in the stands can expect almost no risk of opposition. The people in the parking lot or driving by on the streets are in no danger from the 250 lb linebacker, snorting on the opposite side of the line.

So it is in Christianity! Christianity is a full contact sport! The men and women who take the field in the name of Jesus can expect to be targets of opposition. The pastor and the leaders of the church can expect to be highly valued targets and meet active resistance and even violence in their daily walks. Why should it be otherwise? Does it make sense that Satan would ignore the active players, the potentially active players, or the coaches when threatened with potential loss? No! It makes sense that he will pursue those who resist him.

I heard a man say that pastors should never be depressed or feel fear “if they’re really called by God”. What an ignorant statement… what an ignorant statement. He hasn’t studied his Bible. That’s like me standing and saying that the quarterback has nothing to fear… after all, the Coach put him in the game to possess the ball. That quarterback can expect to be hit and hit hard repeatedly by those who play on Satan’s team.

If you are a spiritual leader, stand firm. Know that, when you are meeting resistance, God has you in the game. The more you’re meeting… the closer you are to scoring for Him. If you’re meeting little or none, perhaps you’ve seated yourself on the bench, in the stands, or you’re in the parking lot. 

Be encouraged when others resist you – it means you look like a threat to Satan and his cause.