One of the greatest lessons we can teach those we want to follow their dreams is how it looks to follow ours. 

Often, we place our dreams on hold, while telling our kids, our spouse, our friends, and, if we’re a pastor, our flock to “live life”, “follow your passions”, “pursue your dreams”. Our words are saying, “Trust God”, but our actions are saying, “Live small.” 

Most people learn by observing. When we pursue our dreams, they learn to value themselves, to overcome obstacles, to deal with frustration, and that it’s OK to be kind to self. They watch to see how we react to failure. They see how we face our fears. 

The next time we’re tempted to tell someone to “follow your dreams”, stop and ask – am I living mine? If we’re too scared to step into the river, it comes as no surprise that those who watch us are scared as well.