God moves in the turbulent times in our lives. We may not like this. It may not be comfortable. It’s true. When the sea is glassy calm, the winds breezy, and the sun is warm on our face. No, God troubles the sea, causes the winds to howl, and covers the sun with clouds. We draw closer when trouble is near. We depend when our own strength fails. We pray deeply when our understanding is obscured. 

Our faith is revealed as we face the unknown. Our character is revealed as we face the unpleasant. Our integrity is revealed as we face the unwanted. Our love is revealed when we face hate. None of these come with calm and glassy seas. 

Jesus was asleep on a cushion in the bottom of the boat when the disciples cried out in terror. He rebuked the storm and it abated. We can do the same in our lives. We can rebuke the waves of emotions, the downpours of fear, and the clouds of doubt. We do this with faith that God has us in the storm for a reason. If He has us in it for a reason, He will bring us through it to fulfill that reason.