You know that person who shows up when you’re having surgery, a family member dies, a child is in trouble, a spouse has left, a diagnosis is bad, life has turned dark? Yeah – that person who drives 200 miles to funeral for a family member because he loves you? Returns from vacation because of tragedy? That person standing by your bed when you wake from surgery at 2:00 am because he wanted to see you’re OK? That person who walks in the Emergency Room sometimes before family and you didn’t even know he knew you’d had an accident? The person who hears the criticisms and cutting remarks and still embraces you? That person who helps you fight the battles that the police can’t see, the doctors can’t diagnose, and the firemen can’t put out? That person who prays for you sometimes before you knew you needed the prayer. Yeah – the pastor… the shepherd – ever consider that his life didn’t just disappear and that he puts you first because that’s what Jesus would do? Ever think he’d like a good news text instead of a bad news? A good news phone call instead of a bad news? No, most people don’t consider him at all… until he’s needed. When he’s needed, he can’t get there quick enough. May be a good thing to value him before he’s needed. He has battles, family, and a life too.